Anonymous said: I was going through your archives and there's one post you mentioned about vampire fangs :D you said you had tooth caps but took them off so does that mean they weren't permanent? Because afaik if you take off permanent tooth caps your filed-down teeth will be way screwed.

they were permanent, but they were not molded from my original teeth.

I had crowns or caps made for me. I had them for a while but they were really uncomfortable and made me lisp a lot so I removed them.

All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living. - Iain S. Thomas (via thedeviousplot)
22 belated Carnations.

Anonymous said: Do you spend a lot of time on other sites like youtube or twitter? I ask because lately I've been feeling like I need to unplug a little from the internet to focus on doing more productive things with my time. I'm curious about how much time you spend online since I really admire your work ethic.

I never got the hang of twitter, don’t have Facebook either because I think it’s too stalker friendly.

I visit youtube and tumblr mostly.

Idk, I have internet on my phone and If I’m waiting for something I’d rather do something entertaining instead of staring at a wall.

I’m usually online during the AM hours, between work. My sleeping pattern is horrible so you never know when I’m on



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