Anonymous said: Oh I see. I would offer to drink with you, but sadly I'm across the sea. I don't know if I could help you stay awake tho

I don’t need to stay awake, I need to un-bore myself.

Anonymous said: You don't have anyone to drink with you?

my bff is away and I really didn’t have the time to go around and make friends in this place (moved here a month ago).

Anonymous said: No....I know how shitty bars can be in America. I chose to stay away from frat boys with turned up collars, the indoors are waaaaay better. I just get drunk with my lizards and friends.

I’ve reached a point in my life where if I drink  half a bottle of port alone, I’ll fall asleep.

In a pub I have people and  loud noises to stop me from that.

Anonymous said: You can still get hammered at home.

do you know how fun pubs can get in Scotland?

Do you know how sad is drinking at home alone in Scotland…

Anonymous said: hammered as in..FUCKED??

your humour…astounding. 

what do normal ppl even do on Friday nights?


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